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Oct. 12, 2022

Properly Managing Disappointment

Properly Managing Disappointment

Disappointment is an unavoidable adversary to every human being. Disappointment, unchecked, clouds one’s judgment, attitude, and perspective of not only his/her life but also limits his/her ability to fellowship with other humans. 

Few people immediately look for the opportunities that disappointment offers. What if I told you that disappointment is an agent of growth and maturity? No, being disappointed isn’t pleasurable or desirable. Disappointment cuts, scars, and bruises. However, when you resolve to dominate over and against disappointment, the effect becomes less excruciating. The fact that disappointment’s effect becomes less excruciating is proof of your development.  

This development doesn’t cause you to seek “an eye for an eye” or throw yourself a pity party. This development causes you to be more resilient, wiser, and more knowledgeable in ways that you would not have obtained if it were not for the lesson wrapped in the pain of disappointment. 

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