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Love Misconceptions

Another great episode!!! This episode like the others had great nuggets as you listen. I love your vulnerability in this episode to admit where you miss the mark. I love the fact that you said this day I will start to be and do better. Also, while men have a lot on their plates women do also. Women carry the emotional baggage of work, children and the home and that’s a lot of weight. I know men carry a lot but wanted all to know don’t exclude women. Keep up the great work and keep the podcasts coming

Genuine Gratitude

Great episode once again sir. I believe that actions speak louder than words. With that being said showing gratitude is better than words. When someone does something for you say Thank you that goes a long way too. This needs to be taught at an early age to raise kind individuals. Keep on with the positivity.


That episode had a lot of nuggets in it. We deal with disappointment daily. I would add is to talk to the person who disappointed you if they are mature enough for the conversation. I feel if that person doesn’t know they may continue to disappoint. Keep on doing what you do. The podcasts will achieve what you set out for them to do.

College…Is It Worth It?

It was a great informative listen. This hit home for me. I have a daughter in college and 10th grader in Highschool. I’m excited to sit with my son and see which direction he wants to go in. Keep the podcasts coming we appreciate you.

Is College Worth it

I finally had a chance to sit and listen to a full podcast and I tell you that one about is college worth it was really really good! As a proponent of education there was one part that you mentioned that stuck out with me and I always tell my son this and other people that I meet... When you're trying to figure out what it is you want to do in life as far as an occupation etc.... if it is something that you will do even if you did not get paid for it then that is what you're calling is ...that is what you're supposed to be doing. A lot of times people get stuck in jobs and like you say they're hating to go to work and their attitude is reflected in their work ethic... This is the passion that I feel about nursing. You pointed out a lot of good things concerning education particularly they make us take all these courses which we will never again us in our life. "I guess that's all about them making the well-rounded student." Also I like the fact that when you present your topic you also present and you back everything up with facts. it's just not merely your opinion on some things but you also have facts to correlate what you state. It's almost like I can see your bibliography page LOL. Bravo Sir

Limited Time: Are We Maximizing or Wasting It?

I like the episode about managing time. I am Type A and spend most of the day organizing my time in the various compartments of my senior brain. I was thinking this doesn’t apply to me until the part about - “time really flew by” Ouch—- that got me. I’ll give that episode a 5.

Friends V Frenemies

I guess it’s pretty natural to use the word interchangeably with those we associate with. I grew up as a military brat so moving every year, and having friends wasn’t really expected. I recently emailed my 5th-grade bestie after finding her on the internet as a Professor of Veterinary Medicine. It was really good to share with her and let her know that I have often thought about her over the past 40+ years. I liked this episode the best because the volume was lower so I could hear with my senior ears. I give this episode a 4 - only because I couldn’t really relate since I’ve never been a friend person.

Very well spoken

I liked the analogies, examples, and the way you described your point. Keep up the good work 🙏

Friends V Frenemies

Great episode. Listened to it with my teenage son. It gave me a great opportunity to break things down to him. Shout out for using those lyrics from MJG. I’ve been referring to those as an assessment tool since that song came out in the 90’s. Great work!!!

Friends V Frenemies

The question I would pose as it relates to friends is are spouses considered friends? I ask this because what if you guys have different interests. Examples movies, tv shows, hobbies etc. shouldn’t alignment of interests be the same if we are considered friends. The podcast was a great listen great examples from the Bible. Keep up the great work

Problem with the Truth

Loved this one man it reminds me of one of my grandmothers favorite sayings, which echoes to your question of why do we have a problem with the truth? My grandmother would often respond to someone saying, Dear you shouldn’t have said this or that to that person that was wrong or out of place. She would respond by saying “Well if the truth kills em let ‘em die”. We live in a world today where the truth is hidden from children, some with so called mental disorders and folks with thin skin. Well if my grandmother was in charge we would have a significant decrease in population. Good topic Press On My Brother

The Problem With Truth

The podcast was informative and great advice. Keep being inspired to do what you do.

Good Stuff

Im definitely looking forward to seeing this project grow to its fullest potential. I just finished the introduction and i can honestly say that i enjoyed it. I will certainly be tuning in. Great job my friend 👏 👍

Episode 2

The show is real and relevant. The show not only have parent perspective but hopefully for kids listening enlighten them to what parents endures in parenting. Continue to keep it real from a man’s perspective and be vulnerable to share. Great podcast and I look forward to many more.

The Host

Great introduction Musical selections on point Host has great voice and projection