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Listened to all 3

4.5 is my rating. Finished all 3 episodes. Tried to leave comments but I barely figured out how to log on. Episode 1 - I was vibing to the music so no comments Episode 2- the war comment intrigued me but my kid hightailed it to Waco when she hit adulthood so I didn’t have lots of issues about what I didn’t know about. Rule #1 with social media was that we did not and do not follow each other and she could not follow anyone over the age of 18 till she was 18. That way I didn’t have to listen to adults telling me what she was doing. Episode 3- Braden!!!! Jumped up and down when I heard that deep voice. The adult children were the best. I would love to hear a podcast just with them (minus the host) to see what they have to say “as adults” Once I figure out how to subscribe, I’ll do it. I’ll listen when I have some extra time on my hands. Overall, I give me a thumbs up for 1/2 way figuring out what to do- and you a thumbs up for such a great idea. A topic I would love to hear - These 30 somethings who disagree with how their parents raised them - yet their parents are the ones raising the grandkids (which are their kids) I got the receipts on that one.

Good Stuff

Im definitely looking forward to seeing this project grow to its fullest potential. I just finished the introduction and i can honestly say that i enjoyed it. I will certainly be tuning in. Great job my friend 👏 👍

Episode 2

The show is real and relevant. The show not only have parent perspective but hopefully for kids listening enlighten them to what parents endures in parenting. Continue to keep it real from a man’s perspective and be vulnerable to share. Great podcast and I look forward to many more.

The Host

Great introduction Musical selections on point Host has great voice and projection