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"No man/woman is an island."

However, many people travel through life detached and disconnected from others as a result of being damaged through various forms of unresolved trauma and or misconceptions regarding life.  

My goal is to provide assistance in the process of improving the quality of rational bonds through engaging in crucial dialouge of all aspects of human relationships from a holistic perspective. No earthly relational bond is more important than the bond one has with and to one's self. One cannot realistically expect harmony with others while being at war with one's self.   

It is my intent to promote the elevation of individual and collective perspectives to better appraise the processes and the practice associated with establishing and maintaining genuine friendship and fellowship free from personal judgments and or attacks. The things we share in common outweigh the things we disagree about.   

These discussions are rooted in four principles.

  1. Each discussion will be Relevant
  2. Each discussion will facilitate an opportunity for Restoration
  3. Remedies for identified problems will be Reasonable
  4. Each episode will provide Reliable remedies that, if applied in the listener's life, will not only improve the quality of his own life but will also create and or enhance his harmonious balance with those he shares life with.  

Thanks for embarking upon this journey with me.

We Learn to Grow. We Grow to Mature. We Mature into Perfection.