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EDP Info Page

What we are about?

A critical examination of taboo topics immersed in black culture.

Our Goals:

(1) To promote both a multipoint perspective and prospective of holding onto or discarding many of the traditions that directly or indirectly dominate our thoughts and emotions which ultimately serves as the puppet master for our behavior. 

(2) To promote self accountability and responsibility not only for our behavior, but also our ignorance (willful or not), our own joy, our own peace, our own self worth, our own passions and our own prosperity. 

How we intend to achieve these Goals?

It is our firm belief that honest communication regarding the Essential Topics of Discourse is foundational for all human relationships. Through these conversations, it is our belief that we can find balance which will allow us to not only coexist but also thrive individually and collectively. We can no longer ignore the proverbial "elephants" among us. This practice has never, nor will it ever bring about positive change and or understanding. 

Mission Statement:

The EDP is devoted to engaging in these conversation while ensuring that
we always facilitate a safe space for expression which will result in effective dialogue that identifies problems, exposes us to the root causes of those problems and provides us with probable solutions. 

Our Pledge:
Your host will draw from his and his guests' personal and professional experiences to meet the stated goals.  Yes, there will be opinions. However, those opinions will not overshadow FACTS. 

Our Bottomline
The EDP hopes to earn your trust and support as loyal listeners and contributors as we progress along this journey of growth, knowledge, and understanding.