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Oct. 19, 2022

Genuine Gratitude

Genuine Gratitude
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So often, we tend to overlook acts of kindness. Acts that meet a specific need in our lives. A kind word, a smile, the sharing of information, and etcetera are a few examples of this.  

The danger in this is,  if we continue to discount the seemingly small things, we may come to have a decreased appreciation for the not-so-small things that our brothers and sister do to meet our needs. We refer to this as "Entitlement".  

I don't know anyone who enjoys the company and or behaviors of "Entitled" people. 
Common sense says, when someone does something for you, you ought to say "Thank You". 

Better yet, the recipient of the kindness and compassion should put on display Genuine Gratitude. 

In this short episode, I point out the related connection to Genuine Gratitude and the effect it should have on all persons evolved.