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Sept. 21, 2022

Episode 7 Friends V Frenemies

Episode 7 Friends V Frenemies
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Words have meanings. Unfortunately, many of us give no thought to the words that fall off our lips. Specifically, the titles we place upon people. Titles given and not earned. 

One such word is #Friend. 

What do you actually know about your "friend"? Do you really know your "friend"? What qualifies this person as a "friend"? Has this "friend" proven that he or she is in the "friendship" with you? 

I'm will the wager that many of us are involved in nonreciprocal relationships right now with so-call friends. "Friends" who unreliable, never check on your well being, always have an excuse as to why the can't do what you ask, never speak encouragement into your life, lie to your face and scandalize your name when you're not around. However, these same "friends"can count on you to bail the out of a jam, provide support, money and other needs. 

You don't have a friend. You have a #frenemy. Someone who only comes around when they're in need or when you have the means to grant them access to something they want. Again, words have meanings.  You should be extremely cautious with whom you label as your "friend". 

As you listen to this episode, I'll explain why and how to avoid making the mistake of unwisely giving users, abusers, and those with alternative motives the title of FRIEND.